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Alice finds herself trapped in a strange new world engulfed in a game of kings and queens. Lookingglass self article about lookingglass self by. Le looking glass self charles horton cooley, considere comme lun des peres. The self arises in a social process of communicative interchange as it is reflected in a. In alice through the looking glass and what alice found there we find her six months after falling through the famed rabbit hole. Its a social psychological theory created by charles cooley in 1902, and more than a century later, its still relevant. The imagination of our appearance to the other person, the imagination of his judgment of that appearance, and some sort of selffeeling, such as pride or mortification. The lookingglass self is the most wellknown dimension of charles horton cooleys early, seminal conceptualization of what he called the social self. Empirical tests of the looking glass approach to self construction have largely focused on the congruence between how any person ego views herself and how others alter view ego. Charles horton cooley 18641929 was an american sociologist.

The lookingglass self is a social psychological concept, created by charles horton cooley in 1902 mcintyre 2006, stating that a persons self grows out of societys interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others. The notion of the lookingglass self is composed of three principal elements. The betterknown version is one in which the child identi. This study brought an enduring social psychology theory into the era of mass self communication.

Pdf on may 16, 2010, emad rahim and others published marginalized through the looking glass self the development of stereotypes. This paper focuses on the relationships which exist between the lookingglass self theory of human behavior of charles. Looking glass self is a concept in psychology that explains the concepts and ideas we have about ourselves or selfconcept is influenced by interaction with others. Cooley i will be talking about the looking glass self, made famous by famed american sociologist charles horton cooley.

A chavarin stc whs charles cooley early member of the chicago school of sociology conceptualized how individuals gain a sense of self each to each a looking glass, reflects the other that doth pass the. The lookingglass by anton chekhov online literature. Through the looking glass of telecopresent others shanyang zhao temple university the impact of others in telecopresence on the formation of self has not been well studied, and existing research on the self in cyberspace has focused mostly on. The lookingglass self theory is also known as symbolic interactionism. At the end, students will be able to understand how sense of self is developed through social processes and interpersonal interactions. It is described as our reflection of how we think we appear to others. Understanding charles cooleys looking glass self tim.

Steps of looking glass self according to cooley 1902, in his work human nature and the social order, his lookingglass self involved three steps. This concept stems from our interpersonal perception of what another individuals impression is on us and how we form ourselves towards that initial perception. The term refers to people shaping themselves based on other peoples perception, which leads the people to reinforce other peoples perspectives on. The theoretical intersection of the lookingglassself and social. Reflected appraisal through a 21st century looking glass the concept of reflected appraisalalso known as reflected selfappraisal or the lookingglass selfrefers to the processes by which peoples selfviews are influenced by their perceptions of how others view them. Cooley states that society and individuals do not denote separable phenomena, but are simply collective and distributive. The looking glass self by christynjo carranza on prezi. Pdf marginalized through the looking glass self the. Marginalized through the looking glass self the development of stereotypes and labeling article pdf available may 2010 with 6,197 reads how we measure reads. According to this theory, people first imagine how they appear to others. Nov 7, 2014 this board will discuss the concept of how our self image is a reflection of how we believe other people see us. They act as the mirror to people where they seek for judgments and feedbacks from other people. In the eyes of the other punks on the block, i was the man. Both the pygmalion effect and the golem effect function.

This was probably the most awkward thing that i have ever done in my entire life. Lookingglass self definition of lookingglass self at. To further explain would be how oneself imagines how others view himher. Cooleys concept of a lookingglass self is both compelling and very straightforward. According to cooley, the individual comes to know or define himself through the process of internalizing his. Students will then be assigned a brief, 12 page takehome response essay defining and detailing how the concept of the looking glass self applies to. I hate looking in the mirror for more than two minutes at the most. The looking glass self is a concept drawn originally from the work of george herbert mead, encapsulating the idea that our self image the mental idea we have of who and how we are is shaped by our interactions with others.

That is, the self concept is more likely to change by internalizing public behavior than by internalizing behavior that is identical but lacks the interpersonal context. He describes that ones perception of self is dependent on the thoughts of others. Consequently, the child suffers from a misrecognition or. You can use any theory to compare and contrast your choice.

The lookingglass self is a social psychological concept, created by charles horton cooley in 1902, stating that a persons self grows out of societys interpersonal interactions and the perceptions of others. For the white kitten had been having its face washed by the old cat for the last quarter of an hour and bearing it pretty well, considering. It was through his study of primary groups that cooley hoped to instill more social unity and cohesiveness. Alice through the looking glass is the sequel to alices adventures in wonderland by lewis carroll. Cooley sought to understand society and how society shaped people. Cooleys 1902 looking glass self posits that the self concept is built, in part, by how a person. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

If we follow the cooley quote i am not who you think i am. This study brought an enduring social psychology theory into the era of mass selfcommunication. A key idea that contributed to the development of symbolic interactionism is the work of the sociologist charles cooley on the looking glass. The self concept change extends even to behavioral changes and occurs even when participants. The concept of looking glass self and its importance can also be seen through the growing social media. Lookingglass self definition, the selfimage an individual forms by imagining what others think of his or her behavior and appearance. Lookingglass house one thing was certain, that the white kitten had had nothing to do with it. The term looking glass self was created by american sociologist charles horton cooley in 1902, and introduced into his work human nature and the social order. Pdf alice through the looking glass and what alice found. Process whereby an individual develops his identity or self concept. The lookingglass self is a social psychological concept, developed by charles horton cooley in 1902, stating that a persons self grows out of societys interperson. Part of thehigher education and teaching commons,social psychology commons, and the.

Second, they imagine how others judge them based on that appearance. Looking at relationship as the mechanism of change in case management of persons with severe mental illness. Everything you are about to see is from taylors point of view. There are actually two effects that basically describe the same thing. The term looking glass self is the idea that a persons sense of self grows out of societys interactions with that person and how others perceive them. People would clutch their belongings tighter when i passed them on the street. When i get ready in the morning i am usually watching tv and doing my hair or im on the phone with my mom. Third, people have an emotional reaction to that imagined judgment, such as. Concept of the looking glass self introduction cooley was influenced by approaches such as pragmatism and darwinism.

Introduced and edited by daniel sharp, looking glass self is a new special version of cooleys pioneer work of social theory which was originally published as human nature and the social order. Cadys self concept reflects the nice, intelligent girl that she once was. Lookingglass self definition the lookingglass self is the process by which people evaluate themselves based on how others see them. Process whereby an individual develops his identity or selfconcept. From mirror selfrecognition to the lookingglass self. Nellie, the daughter of a landowner and general, a young and pretty girl, dreaming day and night of being married, was sitting in her room, gazing with exhausted, halfclosed eyes into the lookingglass. Researchers have generally assumed that any congruence found, which we shall term the looking glass effect, is the result of a process of internalization gecas 1982. Selfesteem was higher when the lookingglass self was favorable. Created by musical silence productions at emory university in.

Get an answer for explain how the lookingglass theory shapes ones perception of self and others. Being tough impressed certain girls, and earned the respect of my homeboys. The childs lookingglass self selfconcept grows out of his or her relationships to. It explains a formation of your self image through a reflection. Horton cooley, and focuses on research related to the concept of the. Reflected appraisal through a 21stcentury looking glass.

Christynjo carranza introductory sociology spring 20 ms. Cooleys 1902 looking glass self posits that the selfconcept is built, in part, by how a person. Looking glass self is a term coined by the sociologist charles horton cooley, and refers to his proposal that the individuals perception of himself is based on how he believes that others perceive him. Using social interaction as a type of mirror, people use the judgments they receive from others to measure their own worth, values, and behavior. The looking glass self california state university. Even though cooley was influenced by weber, cooleys examination was more psychological than webers. He suggests that one formulates an idea of ones self based upon information gathered from the reactions of and interactions with others. Five little ducks little baby bum nursery rhymes for babies abcs and 123s duration. Charles cooley and the looking glass self we see our self as someone that others see we imagine how those others judge, evaluate, or assess our self we react to that imagined judgment, evaluation, or assessment.

The lookingglass self describes the process wherein individuals base their sense of self on how they believe others view them. Exploring the idea of socialisation, unpacking cooleys ideas and dealing with common mistakes in interpretation. Developing selfconcept based on how others respond to us. I liked that lookingglass self of threatening thug. In 1902, a sociologist named charles horton cooley devised a concept called the lookingglass self, which posits that s persons sense of identity is shaped by interaction with social groups and the ways in which the individual thinks he or she is perceived by others. Cooleys most significant contribution was his idea of the lookingglassself. The term looking glass self was first used by cooley in his work, human nature and the social order in 1902. Looking glass self and the effect of primary groups. The concept of the l ooking glass self demonstrates that self relation, or how one views oneself is not a solitary phenomenon, but rather includes others. As infants, human beings form their very selves from the reflections and responses gained by their earliest behaviors visited upon the. See more ideas about looking glass self, self image and self. Based on likes, comments or followers the sense of a self develops.

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